We receive what is in resonance
We receive what is in resonance

What is the resonance? Some people always complain that they attract to them things and situations they don´t like, they maybe don’t know that they attract to them energies that are resonating to theirs.

It is important to know that the world that surrounds us is pure energy from the non manifested to the physical plane, Ayahuasca teaches us that. In our lives we need to be always in the highest energies and release the past traumas and karmas that blocks us from the high cosmic energies. That is the low of resonnance.

If one can always take care about his food, his thoughts, his relationships, going to meditation, he will surely attract to him the energies of bliss, luck, success. This is resonance.

Ayahuasca is a wonderful medicine because she knows her duty very well, she goes inside to meet the unnecessary, the defects and throw it out, then she replace that empty space with pure high energies, then ones life is beginning to change, his perception of himself and the world that surrounds him, everything becomes easier and more and more…

In Selvamadre this is the mission we elected to help people to change their life and enjoy infinite happiness and success.

  • Michelle Sanchez

When I think about resonance, I think of it as a frequencies or energy columns. I agree it is important for one to realize and look from a perspective that everything is energy. There is an abundance of energy that
is available to make positive realities in the life of whoever takes the
opportunity. It’s imperative to clean out lower vibrational energies or Earthly attachments
in most cases, and Ayahuasca has been wonderful at cleaning it out. However, it
does take willingness from one’s part to release these energies, and make room for the radiance of the plant. In order to
have the best Ayahuasca experience possible it is so important for the
participant to not be resistant and surrender to the Universal energies at
hand. During my first ceremony I just said, I am love, I am light. I received love
in unexplainable ways. Thank you Ayahuasca!

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