The whole creation, macrocosm and microcosm “the Great Universe” and the “Small Universe” are the product of the four elements. You are going to learn an important aspect of the initiation; the activity of the four elements and how to use them in your daily practice.

The whole universe is like the inner workings of a clock and their parts are interdependent, even the notion of “Divinity” perceived as a sublime being is in fact a fragmented perception of what it is in reality.

Divinity has divers aspects, some of them are related to the elements.

Mastering the elements, is regarded as being the first initiation test, this knowledge is an universal way of solving problems. Let’s have a look at the list of the elements following the Hindu tradition (Tattwas):

  • Akasha : Ether
  • Tejas : Fire
  • Apas : Water
  • Prithivi : Earth
  • Waju : Air

According to this teaching the Four densest Tattwas are issued from the 5th the Akasha, this one is the primordial principle and must be considered as the 5th force or Quintessence.


As we have seen before, within Akasha or primordial source dwells the origin of the four elements. The Fire “Tejas” according to the Orientals was born from this source and is considered to be the first element.

Unlike the other elements, Fire is manifesting not only in our material world but in all creation. The fundamental properties of Fire are heat and expansion; therefore,  at the beginning of creation fire and light came to existence as told in the Bible “Fiat Lux”.

Each element has the two polarities, one is active and the other is passive; so is the case regarding the element Fire. The positive polarity is always constructive, creative and productive; the negative polarity is destructive. It is important to consider these two fundamental properties. Religions attributed the positive polarity to the goodness, bounty and holiness and to the negative polarity the evil. Goodness and evil as humans understand it does not exist. In the universe there are no good or bad things. They have been created following the Divine will and it is only by knowing them that we can approach god.

As we said Fire has the property to be expansive and is being manifested by the Electric Fluid.

Fire is active and latent in everything that was created, it dwells into universe in the visible and invisible.


We just considered the origin and properties of the active element Fire, in this paragraph we will describe its opposite the Water, it comes from the Akasha, the Divine and Primordial Source but its properties are totally opposed: Coldness and contraction.

Water contains two polarities, one is positive, constructive, vivifying and nurturing, the other is negative, decomposing and fermenting. As contraction is the fundamental property of the element Water, it generates the Magnetic Fluid.

Water like Fire dwells in the whole universe and one could not subsist without the other. Fire and water are the fundamental creative energies of everything. Fire and water represent the Electric and Magnetic fluids.


The air element, also issued from the Akasha, the Primordial Divine Source, some initiates does not perceive it as an element but rather as a mediator between Fire and Water. So Air establishes a link of neutral polarity balancing the expansive action of Fire and contracting action of Water. By this interaction of Fire and Water all creation became movement.

In its mediator role Air receives heat from Fire and humidity from Water. Life would be unthinkable without these two properties. They constitute the two polarities of Air, Heating creating life and Humidity destroying it.


As we said that Air element is not really one, this applies also with the Earth element . It is the last of the elements, it is the product of the interaction of the first three elements.

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