Literally Reborn!!
Feb 2019 • Couples
My wife and I went at selva Madre in November 2018 and again in February 2019. It is in our opinion the most intense and life changing experience we ever did and for the best. The 3 Shamans Don Lucho, Luis Jr and Anderson conduct their ceremonies with so much power and love that all ceremonies are always amazing and are all different because the 4 ceremonies have a different theme (body, spirit, mind and soul). Their knowledge, professionalism and tradition speak for themself. This is not a business place where fake shamans just take your money and don’t care about you or a place to just get high like other centers. This is a place for healing physically and spiritually. All the Selva Madre Family cares about you from the beginning to the end, feeling safe all the time in the middle of the jungle, and the food is great as you follow an ayahuasca diet. Having your own room (own bungalow) with shower and restroom is very important as well because you need that privacy to process and heal during the retreat. Selva Madre is the place where mother earth speaks to you and heal you! Highly recommended, I will be back soon solo this time around, and next year with my wife again.