Came back for more
May 2019 • Solo
I went back after a year to do a second retreat bc I felt I had to finish my personal work I had started there.
I already left a great review the first time I came. Nothing has changed. This place is still as beautiful as before. I love the work the shamans Don Lucho, Luis jr. , and Anderson do. They really are great shamans and have helped me a lot.
The entire facility is still beautiful and great and just about what you need for a good detox in the amazon. The food as always was a lot, various and great!
Everybody is so nice and friendly and has a great positive attitude and mind. It’s really a place to heal and I’m so happy I choose this retreat and this shamans in the first place and now again. I will be back one day. Thank you so much to everybody who workes at and for Selva madre. You made my stay great! 🙏🏼 much love Jasmin 💓