Amazing Healing Loving Experience
Nov 2019
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Selva Madre to anyone seeking a genuine, loving, and safe healing experience with Ayahuasca. From the moment I arrived at Selva Madre I felt so much love. It was truly a magical “healing” experience unlike any other Ayahuasca experience I have ever had in other parts of the world. Master Shaman Don Luis was incredibly attentive to the individual issues and needs of every one participating in the retreat. He structured diet; therapies, medicines, prayers and amounts of everything to suit the particular need of each individual and lovingly monitored their progress and condition closely throughout the entire ten days. I was very impressed. He also spent much time with each of us individually discussing our experience with Ayahuasca the night prior. We were all so grateful for the lengthy discussions that really help the healing process. All seven participants in our retreat departed with much gratitude and a genuinely happy heart! Don Lucho, Luis Jr, and Anderson bring such powerful loving energy to the ceremonies with their Icaros. Wow! Words limit my ability to describe how profound and beautiful the experience was for me. I am truly transformed, humbled, and eternally grateful. Much love and gratitude to the entire staff who kept us safe and well fed. Gracias!!