Spiritual effect of colors
Spiritual effect of colors

On a daily basis we are all impacted by the spiritual effect of colors. From the colors of our clothes to the color of our house. Sometimes according to the colors of a place a painting or a scenery we can feel different vibrations both positive or negative.

In many civilizations and cultures, colors had and importance regarding daily spiritual life, white is considered as the most enlightening color and black as its opposite. They represents the Yin and Yang the ascending evolving energy and the involving energy. In this teaching you will learn about the spiritual effect of colors and how to use them in order to increase your spiritual practice.

Spiritual effect of colors in our lives

The world is divided into three Gunas SattvaRajas and Tamas:

  • Sattva, stability, harmony, virtue, enlightenment. Provides awakening and joy.
  • Rajas, turbulence , movement , motivation and passion. Rajas is selfishness , it leads to disintegration. It creates pain and suffering, emotional fluctuations (fear, desire, love, hatred). This is the principle of energy.
  • Tamas, dullness , darkness, inertia. It hinders and hides , is a passive force blockage. It causes degeneration and death . It gives the illusion leading us towards ignorance and attachment. This is the principle of materialization.

The colors are categorized in the same way, clothes with  Sattwa colors will provide us spiritual awakening, clothes with Rajas and Tamas colors will increase the negative spiritual vibrations around us.

The following table is the classification of colors, when a color is positive it will help you to absorb positive energies and vibrations, when it is negative, you will absorb negative energies or vibrations.

WhiteBeyond SattvaMost positive
YellowSattvaMost positive
Pale blueSattvaMost positive
Fresh greenSattva-RajaPositive
Dark greenRaja-TamaMedium negative
PurpleRaja-TamaMedium negative
VioletTama-RajaMedium negative
BlackTamaThe most negative

As you can see the colors white and yellow are very positive in order to attract the highest vibrations, grey and Black have an opposite effect attracting the lowest and densest energies to and around us.

Spiritual effects of wearing White color

  • Attraction of a flow of Divine energy
  • Attraction of a flow of bliss
  • Attraction of a flow of Divine consciousness
  • Aura is attracting positive situations
  • The thoughts are positive and joyful
  • Destruction of dark energy

Spiritual effects of wearing Black color

  • Attraction of a flow of black energy
  • Creation of a ring of black energy at the mind and intellect
  • Attraction of illusionary energy within the person
  • Emission of waves of black energies in the environment
  • Creation of a thick covering on the seven Chakras
  • Thoughts are negative and compulsive

As we can see the spiritual effect of colors on our being an toward our awakening is crucial, colors represents flows of energy to and from our spiritual bodies. The colors of clothes we wear is as important as the color of our house, bedroom or decoration as this impacts directly our evolution.

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