Soul cleansing ritual bath
Soul cleansing ritual bath

Life is often the occasion to catch unwanted energies from our environment, from people we meet in the street to people sharing intimacy with us or even staying too long in an energetically low vibrational place. Our soul is catching all these energies and they get stuck in our Aura interfering with the law of attraction making us to feeling heavy, depressed or under tension.

The cleaner our soul is, the better we will attract positive energies around us and live in harmony. When our soul and Aura is full of unwanted energies it is time to clean ourselves spiritually with a soul cleansing. We have a lot of different methods, today we are going to see how the Water element can purify our Aura with a ritual bath.

Prepare your soul cleansing ritual bath

The first thing to do is to clean your bath tube from old energies, for this a normal cleaning will be enough. Once it is done, you need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Epsom salt
  • Chunks of sea salt
  • Aromatic essential oils
  • Incense or Palo-Santo or Sage
  • Quartz crystals

You need to eat something light, preferably veggies instead of meat for this ritual to be pure and effective. Fill the bath tube with water and set the temperature at your convenience. When your bath is full, put the sea salt, the Epsom salt and the aromatic oil inside; then place the crystals around the bath tube.

Depending if you have incense, sage or palo-santo, purify the room in clockwise circles and place it somewhere. This helps to purify the ambient from unwanted energies.

Now you are going to consecrate your bath in order to activate its healing and soul cleansing properties. Put your right index in the water and do clockwise circles repeating

By the almighty, supreme being, may this water receive your healing and cleansing powers

Of course you can choose any oration that might suit you. Now you can enter your bath listening to relaxing music or healing Icaros. Repeat this soul cleansing ritual bath as long as you feel the need to release energetic charges.

As we clean our physical body, the spiritual body should not be omitted in order to live a balanced everyday life.

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