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Our center stands as a true embodiment of indigenous roots, entirely built, run, and owned by the Rimachi family. We are driven by the grand vision of spreading healing and tranquility to the global community. At Selva Madre, our primary focus revolves around guiding each patient, lovingly referred to as "Pasajero," on a profound journey of healing and transformation. Whether facing physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges—or a combination of all three—we are committed to helping individuals find inner harmony and rejuvenation.

In our pursuit of comprehensive healing, we incorporate the powerful support of plant medicines alongside ayahuasca, recognizing their significance in the process. Traditional dietas enriched with master plants are also offered, reinforcing the ancient wisdom of our ancestors. Moreover, amid the current planetary crisis, we are determined to bridge the gap and connect with the Western world. Through Zoom classes and conferences, we share insights on diverse topics, ranging from discovering inner joy (Alegria Interna) to embracing shamanic gardening practices. Our mission is to radiate the healing light of our traditions, touching hearts and souls across borders and cultures.

"To Save The Planet"

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