In this article we will speak about mental parasites. We are all thinking at some stage that our life is full of problems and sufferings, job issues, sentimental or couple issues, anxiety, wishing things were different, complaining about our appearance. These troubles are there for sure. In fact in the present moment there are no problems most of the time, the only problem we have is our mind that is judging and worrying all the time, creating a mountain from a stone.

The real problem in fact is our identification to our problems, the more we are identified to them the more they are real and present, we can even say that more we think about it more strong it becomes because we put psychic energy into it and reinforce it in our mind. For example a woman that thinks she is fat will see her even more fat in front of a mirror through her distorted perception of herself.

To be here now is to stop identifying to our mental and our problems, stop feeding them and embrace the flow of life. Once you stop alimenting these mental parasites in your mind they will loose their power on you. We can consider ourselves as prisoners of our own mind where these parasites dwells, they are our creation and sometimes not (they can be source of a witchcraft) and are living on our energy, as they are invisible somebody skilled like a shaman is needed.

When someone is taking Ayahuasca, the plant will go to these mental parasites or entities and force the dissociation, then will force the purge to eject these entities out, this is the most beautiful release one feels after a ceremony.

We wish all people to be free from their mental parasites, to quit this prison, to be released and to enter into the kingdom of happiness and spiritual awakening.

With love!

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