Managing sexual energy
Managing sexual energy

Managing sexual energy is a subject that has always been controversial from the standpoint of certain Religions or dogmas. We are going to describe what it exactly involves from a spiritual or shamanic point of view.
Sex is present everywhere in nature in a broad spectrum from the most basic creatures to human beings. It is a very powerful energy on the terrestrial plane, so strong that this energy can easily dominate and control our mind and body. We can imagine a swimmer that felt in a mountain torrent, the strength of the stream will take him away. We need to be very good swimmers indeed to manage sexual impulses. In this teaching we are going to take a look at the nature of sex and how to contain it as well as how to channel sexual energy. You can’t imagine the potential you have inside yourself and what spiritual heights you can reach by containing and channeling this power.

Sex as a way to manifest vital energy

On the manifested plane, the physical or terrestrial being is subject to its laws. As incarnated beings, we receive a body that is more or less a biological robot responding to a certain chemistry to maintain itself alive. Reproduction is a primordial key to maintain life on this plane and nature did a good job, we have a strong libido that permits reproduction. Libido is a canal where vital energy can pass through, vital energy is the impulse that will be transmitted to the embryo to create new life. By nature, sexual appeal has to be irresistible to maintain procreation, this is a law of life.

Containing Sexual energy

Sexual energy is very intense, it can override any fears or common sense, you know of the risks we are willing to take due to that intensity. No other forces can have the power to push courage, fearlessness, imagination. This huge amount of energy can be contained behind a dam and then be channeled. If there is no dam this energy gets lost. In order to contain this ocean we need to be in peace and have an expanded awareness, we are in the depth of an ocean and the waves at the surface cannot influence us.
Indeed, sexual energy needs to be used with wisdom and joy, it is the most precious energy we have in this life and it can be used creatively in our daily life.
Overindulgence in sexual activities is the common behavior of people failing to develop conscious channeling of that force into creativity, personal power and felicity.
The basic reaction of the majority will be to eject this sexual energy into a sexual activity. The reason is that many cannot contain such a powerful urge and rising of energy, they just release it through a sexual activity, this extraordinary power will just leave your body without goal and direction.
Many people did sexual acts under the impulse of sexual urge that they regretted after. They did it blinded by the impulse, fully losing their consciousness. When there is no awareness it is almost impossible to contain sexual energy. There is a sensation of urge that has nothing in common with consciously enjoying sex and detachment from your animal instinct. Being a prisoner of your sex drive is far from enjoying it.
Containing sexual energy has to be done with pure consciousness and presence otherwise it will lead to frustration and rejection of sex. Here, the goal is to observe the sexual impulse as an eruption of energy and use it and project it into a goal, this goal can be artistic, healing, or to be successful. Containing sexual energy involves some practice done by very conscious persons with certain advancement in mindlessness, presence and personal strength.
If you are a man and you are sexually active, try to contain your sexual energy before it gets released by contracting your pelvic muscle, the sensation will be stronger without losing your vital fluid.

Channeling sexual energy

When we can contain sexual energy without problems, we have a huge amount of vital energy at our disposition. The personality will be strong and magnetic to everyone, irresistible for the opposite sex, the charisma will be enhanced and there will be a sensation of power over everything. This huge amount of sexual energy can be channeled into different directions. This is a powerful fuel for any aspect of life.

  • Containing sexual energy helps to recover from depression.
  • Creates a powerful and attractive aura.
  • Everything becomes easy to undertake.
  • We act fearlessly in everyday life.
  • Spiritual practices become deeper.
  • Creativity takes off.
  • Personal power is increased.

This is a very small list of ways how sexual energy can be channeled.
To conclude, controlling sexual energies is very beneficial in every aspect. It involves being conscious and present, dis-identified from mental patterns in the light of awareness in the present moment. You need to surpass the mental, otherwise it will lead to frustration and mental agitation which is worse than not containing sexual energy. Ayahuasca can heal anyone from sexual addiction.
Once you can control your sexual impulse, you will experience a sensation of wholeness, bliss and abundance.


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