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In Ceremony

It’s normal to feel nervous when doing ayahuasca for the first time (or even later times). Try to calm your mind and breathe deeply. Ceremonies are held in our maloca, a sacred temple space where you’ll be supplied with a sleeping mat and a bucket in case you purge. Not everyone purges the same way, sometimes it happens through muscle twitches, sweating, yawning, sighing, crying as well as vomiting and diarrhea. These responses are all good, signs that the medicine is working and starting your healing process. Don't worry, if you do have diarrhea, you will usually know in time to get to the restroom.


First, a shaman will come to your mat and give you a cup with your dose, which usually will be determined by the shamans and will be a smaller amount your first time. It is customary to say to the shaman "Salud Maestro" when the shaman hands you your cup to drink.  Before drinking, we recommend you say a silent prayer or silently state your intentions. After drinking, it is advised that you continue to sit in meditation at least until your stomach feels settled. You may drink water afterwards to clear your palate, but remember that drinking a large volume of water can produce more vomiting. This is fantastic for purging, but can be more uncomfortable. Discuss with the shamans beforehand if you want less or more ayahuasca. If you aren’t feeling the effects you may have a second dose.


Selva Madre's ayahuasca ceremonies are shorter than some centers as the shamans feel private time with ayahuasca is an important part of your relationship with Her. They will sing icaros to clear, protect and ready the space in the temple and around the center so that you can meet ayahausca on your own terms. The shamans will give each pasajero an individual arkana, a song of healing, blessing, and then protection. They will announce the ending of the ceremony and light the candles. You can stay in the temple or go to your hut as you choose.  

The shamans offer integration the next day after ceremony, the ceremonies are typically held three times a week, usually on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. At integration meetings you can share your experience, ask questions, and get feedback from the shamans.

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