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In Ceremony

Ceremonies are held in our Maloca, a sacred temple space where you will receive your healing work from the Maestros. In this space, you will be supplied with a sleeping mat, a bucket for release, and blankets. You are welcome to bring anything into the space that you feel may be a supportive tool for you, including Mapacho, Agua De Florida, and even crystals/altar items that are supportive of your journey. 


Selva Madre's ceremonies are shorter than some centers, as the Maestros feel that private time with Ayahuasca is an important part of developing your relationship with this medicine. To begin, they will sing Icaros to clear, protect and ready the space in the temple and around the center so that you can meet the medicine on your own terms, and safely. 


The Maestros will then approach your mat to serve you the medicine. The quantity will usually be decided by the maestro, however, you are more than welcome to let them know if you would like more or less than what he has poured for you. We do recommend beginning with a smaller dose on the first night so you can become acquainted with the energy of Ayahuasca in a gentle way. Before you drink, we recommend bringing your intentions to the forefront of your mind, with a lot of gratitude, JOY, and respect for your process.


The Maestros will then go around to everyone in the space and gives each Pasajero an individual Arkana, a song of healing, blessing, and then protection. If you would like to go deeper with the medicine, you are welcome to go up to the maestro and communicate this to them during the ceremony. They will then announce the ending of the ceremony and light the candles. You are more than welcome to stay in the Maloca or go to your hut as you choose.


It’s normal to feel nervous when approaching Ayahuasca for the first time (or even later times). We find that coming with a strong intention for your ceremony, as well as taking time before the ceremony begins to create inner stillness can be helpful in navigating any fears or emotions that arise. We also recommend working with the tools you have to ground, center and come into presence with yourself before each ceremony. This is invaluable and is so supportive in making the most of your time here with us at Selva Madre. 


Purging is a process that happens in many ways and can look very different for everyone. It is normal to experience things like muscle twitches, sweating, yawning, sighing, crying – as well as vomiting and even diarrhea. These responses are all good signs that the medicine is working and you are successfully moving through your healing process. 


The Maestros are available for Integration the day following the ceremony and are typically held three times per week. This is your time to share your experience, ask questions and receive feedback from the Maestros.

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