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With over 40 years of experience as an ayahuasca Maestro, Don Luis, or Lucho, is the center pillar of the Rimachi family. He is the oldest brother of twelve and has a surgeon-like way of describing his healing work. He has the spirit of both a sweet child and a powerful bear and loves to share his wisdom, huge heart, and joyful belly laugh with everyone around him.

Lucho studied at seminary and became a Catholic priest. When this didn't align well with the traditions of his people and his healing practices, he left the church and returned to the Amazon to open Selva Madre with his sons, Luis Jr and Anderson. Having also spent time studying psychology and anthropology, he incorporates many perspectives into his work as a healer and has big dreams for helping the world.




Don Guido is the younger brother of Don Lucho and has also been

Don Guido, the younger brother of Don Lucho, possesses decades of profound experience in his craft. A radiant soul, he has a remarkable talent for assisting individuals in uncovering their life's purpose. Additionally, he specializes in crafting personalized plant diets tailored to address specific ailments, according to individual needs and intentions. Don Guido firmly believes in the healing power of energetic transformations during ceremonies.

According to him, traumatic experiences can unconsciously lead to the blocking of energetic channels or chakras as a defense mechanism, protecting oneself from further pain. These blockages may later manifest as depression, anxiety, or physical ailments. However, during his ceremonies, Don Guido skillfully identifies and removes these energetic obstacles, leading to profound healing for the individuals he serves.

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The son of Don Lucho and Monica, Don Luis exudes a playful and gentle spirit. With the heart of a dedicated Maestro, he adeptly conducts ceremonies using his captivating voice. Many visiting Pasajeros find solace in his loving presence. Hailing from a family of healers, Don Luis has immersed himself in the ancient art of traditional healing throughout his entire life. Eleven years ago, he achieved the esteemed status of a master shaman, committing himself wholeheartedly to the practice of healing others. He is well-versed in both Spanish and English, generously sharing his wisdom and guidance both within and outside the ceremonial space.

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Don Anderson stands as another esteemed master shaman, and he is wedded to Juanita, one of Don Lucho's daughters. Before finding his path as a curandero, Don Anderson served in the army and endured significant challenges. Seeking solace and healing, he turned to Don Lucho for assistance. The transformative experience led Don Anderson to dedicate his life to the practice of Curanderismo and the mission of healing the world. With more than 11 years of valuable experience, he has honed his skills and wisdom.

Initially, Don Anderson may appear reserved, but beneath this exterior lies a profoundly compassionate and insightful soul. He takes joy in elucidating the intricacies of traditional medicine, and sharing with others how to optimize their experiences. Don Anderson's profound understanding and gentle approach make him a guiding light for those who seek healing and growth during their journey.

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Lucy, one of Don Lucho's daughters, is married to Miguel, and they are blessed with two children, Camila and Mark Anthony. When this joyful duo is around, expect to be enchanted by their loving and uplifting energy. Their presence never fails to spread warmth and positivity to all those they encounter.

While managing her small shop in the neighboring village, Lucy also actively contributes to the household by assisting with cooking and cleaning. Her nurturing and supportive nature make her an integral part of the family, and her dedication to both her business and home responsibilities is admirable.

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Miguel, Lucy's husband, is a skilled and resourceful handyman. You can often find him tinkering and adeptly fixing things around the center. If you need a hammock hung or any other task requiring his handy expertise, he's the person to approach. His capabilities extend beyond handy work – Miguel is also a reliable and skilled driver, especially on the challenging dirt roads of the area. He readily assists anyone in need of transportation, always willing to lend a helping hand to those around him.

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Monica, the beloved wife of Don Lucho, is undeniably the heart and soul of the family, a true centerpiece. Her diligent work ethic and dedication make her an invaluable member of the community. Along with her exceptional sense of humor, she carries a heart of pure gold, spreading warmth and joy to all who know her.

Whenever assistance is required, Monica is always there to lend a helping hand. And on special occasions when the Dieta allows, she surprises everyone with her culinary talents, treating them to incredibly delicious meals that leave lasting memories. Her presence and contributions make the center an even more welcoming and delightful place to be.

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Juanita, the eldest of Don Lucho's children, is married to Anderson and together, they have two children, Jennifer and Anderson Jr. They reside in Padre Cocha, right next door to Don Lucho, fostering a close-knit family bond.

As a certified nurse, Juanita brings valuable medical expertise to the community. Her compassionate nature compels her to extend a helping hand whenever there are minor injuries or health concerns that need attention. Juanita's presence is reassuring, and her nursing skills are appreciated by all, making her an essential asset to the well-being of those around her.

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