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With over 40 years of experience as an ayahuasca shaman, Don Luis, or Lucho, is the center pillar of the Rimachi family. He is the oldest brother of twelve and has a surgeon-like way of describing his healing work. He has the spirit of both a sweet child and a powerful bear and loves to share his wisdom, huge heart, and joyful belly laugh with everyone around him

Lucho studied at seminary and became a Catholic priest. When this didn't work so well with the traditions of his people and his shamanism, he left the church and returned to the Amazon to open Selva Madre with his sons, Luis Jr and Anderson. Having also spent time studying psychology and anthropology, he incorporates many perspectives into his work healing people and has big dreams for helping the world

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The son of Don Lucho and Monica, Don Luis has a playful and gentle spirit. He commands ceremonies with a beautiful voice and the serious heart of a maestro. His loving presence is a comfort to many visiting pasajeros. Growing up in a family of shamans, Don Luis has spent his entire life learning the ancient art of traditional healing. Eleven years ago he reached the level of master shaman and has dedicated his life to healing people. He’ll work with you both in and out of ceremony, sharing his wisdom in Spanish and English.

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Don Anderson is another master shaman and is married to one of Don Lucho's daughters, Juanita. Don Anderson was formerly in the army and after a long time of suffering came to Don Lucho for help. After his healing Don Anderson devoted his life to being a curandero and helping to heal the world. Today he has over 11 years of experience. He can be quiet at first, but he is a tremendously deep and compassionate soul who enjoys explaining how traditional medicine works and how you can get the most from your experience here.

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Lucy is one of Don Lucho's daughters and is married to Miguel. They have two children, Camila and Mark Anthony. When those two come around, you’re in for a treat! They always spread a lot of love and uplifting energy. Lucy runs a small shop in the neighboring village but helps out with cooking and cleaning.

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Miguel is married to Lucy and is an excellent handyman. You'll likely see him tinkering and repairing things around the center. Need a hammock hung? He's the one to ask! He is also a good driver on the dirt roads and helps anyone who needs a ride.

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Monica is the wife to Don Lucho, truly a centerpiece in the family and a hard worker. She has a great sense of humor and carries a heart of gold. She helps when needed and, when the dieta permits, will treat you to amazingly delicious meals.

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Juanita is the oldest of Don Lucho's children and is married to Anderson. They have two children, Jennifer & Anderson Jr, and live next door to Don Lucho in Padre Cocha. She is a certified nurse and occasionally helps with minor injures when needed.

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I am the web designer and general assistant. I first came to Don Lucho and his family in 2015 as a patient and had amazing results and experiences. I returned several times since then and initiated apprenticeship as a Shaman. Currently I'm living in Sweden and helping the family with bookings and any questions you might have, so don't hesitate to contact me!

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