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    Selva Madre is located near Iquitos on the Rio Nanay. It is a preserved area of the Amazon Rain forest and has easy access to and from Iquitos. It is about one hour from the Iquitos, and provides a sacred experience away from the commercial energy of the city. There is also a very serene creek that forms a separation from the temple, and the living area that intersects Selva Madre.


The bungalows are individual, peaceful for meditation, and include a private bathroom with shower and toilet. You have the chioce to select where you prefer to stay depending on availability, (e.g. if you prefer to be isolated and closer to the temple, or closer to the living area).



Lake, observatory and wild life

The center contains an observatory with a great view of the jungle whrere you can observe monkeys or birds. There is also a lake with a lot of local fish where you can have a walk and relax.


Meals and kitchen

Meals are prepared three times a day beginning at 7 am with breakfast, lunch at 12pm, and ending at 7pm with dinner. On nights where ceremonies are performed, dinner is omitted to ensure the purest Ayahuasca experience. If you have any needs, the kitchen staff will be happy to help you.


Internet access

We have a 3G reception in the restaurant area.