You already know you are much more than your physical body, this is the only dimension of life that we can see with our physical senses. The creation does not only exist on the physical plane, it exists at the same time on many other planes that are more or less dense.

Our being has also dense and subtle bodies and in this teaching we are going to take a look at our energetic field or aura. Indeed represents who we really are and shows every experience since we are born, every emotional charge, traumas and pains will be displayed in this energetic field. We can see it as a hard drive record containing positive or negative charges.

This energetic field is active and it is its very nature to get in resonance with the environment via the law of resonance. Indeed if your aura is positive and bright you will attract to you the same type of energies, good and positive things will happen to you. On the opposite if your energetic field is unhealthy and charged with negative energies you will attract to you bad encounters or events.

The nature of the charges in our energetic field depends on our past, our childhood and our previous experiences. If there are many negative charges, they will affect you in your everyday life especially if there are situations that are resonating with them such as couple issues, separations, job issues etc…

These negative charges are almost autonomous beings, they will try to feed themselves by taking your attention and your vital energy, to achieve that, they will activate unconscious patterns conducting you to unpleasant situations. Once you are totally under their control, you will turn aggressive, lose your self esteem or fall into a depression. (Please have a look to the teaching about mental parasites for more details).

This is definitely a vicious circle, this happens only because you let these semi autonomous energies take control by identifying yourself with them. For example, if someone is unfair to you, the resonance between this charge and the situation will activate it and will take control over you and make you angry. Then you will be totally caught up in this energy field of aggressiveness.

The key is to observe this charge during its activation and look at it with the powerful light of consciousness. Then you will feel it strongly but you are not it anymore, you observe the storm but you are not the storm.

This is the beginning of your awakening, you become this powerful awareness observing pleasures and pains with the same eye. The way to awake is to be fully here and now, meditating is a strong pillar to avoid being taken away with the winds of mind.

Once you observe what happen inside, the negativity within will start to vanish and disappear, you will be freed more and more from its tyrannical control. Your life will change totally, your energetic field will be bright and positive, your mind will be clear and peaceful. Pleasant and positive situations will be attracted to you by the law of resonance.

You are not your physical body, you are not your mind, they are tools given to you for this incarnation, used with wisdom they are magnificent tools.

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