Degree II – Psychic body training
Degree II – Psychic body training

The balance of the elements in the psyche

The first degree exercises taught the student how to practice introspection. The student noted his/her qualities and defects regarding the four elements and separated these in 3 groups. Also he/she made two mirrors reflecting his psyche, one is positive (white) and the other negative (black). He must see in this report which elemental forces are predominant in himself/herself not only the good, but also the bad aspects and he/she must establish the balance regarding these influences, transforming his/her character. Indeed without the elemental harmony in the astral body (psyche), no progress, no ascension is possible. The goal of this degree is to establish this balance.

If the beginner has enough willpower he can be able to master the most active defects or passions in himself/herself. If his/her willpower is not strong enough he/she can start with the easiest part, which is diminishing first the smallest defects and then the bigger defects until he/she masters them. There are 3 possibilities:

1 – Systematic practice of auto suggestion.

As shown earlier on this teaching

2 – Transmutation

Transmuting the defects into their respective qualities, this can be obtained by auto suggestion, frequent meditation or striving to act with the qualities.

3 – Vigilance and willpower.

This method prevents the defects from expressing by suppressing them. It is quite a hard practice because this method is meant for those who have very strong willpower or want to obtain it.

If the student has enough time and wants his/her development to progress rapidly, he/she can implement the magical processes previously described, indeed it is better to aim at the same goal with the help of conscious food, magic of water etc. and success will come.

The goal of this degree is to reach the equilibrium of the four elements in the psychic body. That’s why the beginner in magic or shamanic science must endeavor to impede the biggest of his defects and passions if he/she wants to advance in this science.
In any case the exercises of the next degrees should not be undertaken until the exercises of this degree are mastered, especially not before a certain harmony between the elements is established.

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