Degree II – Mystery of the subconscious
Degree II – Mystery of the subconscious

Before the exercises of the second degree I will explain you the mystery of subconscious and using its potential.

1 – Conscience and subconsciousness.

a) Their role:

Consciousness dwells in the psyche and has the brain as a manifestation support in the physical body . Every conscious being of his 5 senses has his consciousness sphere intact.

We know in the universe there are no forces neither in man that does not have its opposite. We can consider subconscious as the opposite of consciousness. What we consider as attributes of consciousness like faculty of thinking, wishing, feeling and having spiritual aspirations, have in the subconscious their opposites.

For our spiritual evolution we can consider subconscious as an enemy. The driving force or impulsion that is in opposition with our evolution (passions and vices) comes from the subconscious.

b) Necessity to master the subconscious:

The task of the student in the previous introspection exercise is to analyze the activity of subconscious using the key given about the 4 elements. This is an excellent exercise as the student crossed through his darkness and realized that subconscious is preventing his evolution.

2 – The method to control

a) Suppressing time and space notions:

Subconscious needs to express in the material world with two notions: Time and Space two fundamental principles in which all wishes needs to be summited to be transposed from Causal world to the physical plane.

If we remove the unconscious which allows him to express his own nature (hostile) into the material world, Time and Space its negative polarity cease to carry its influence on us and we are then able to realize our desires through it.

This sudden outbreak of the positive action of the subconscious  is the key of the practical use of auto suggestion. For example if we want to teach to the subconscious that tomorrow or another day we do not want to succumb to a vice (smoking, drinking), the subconscious has enough time to make us failing.

But if we suppress the concept of Time and Space during our injunctions only the positive part of the subconscious is acting. Consciousness is being submitted to this action and our desire will be successful. Knowing that is one of the most important thing on the way of apprenticeship and should not be neglected.

b) An order formulated at the present positive:

In order to do that the selected  injunction should be formulated only at the present moment and positive. So we will not say : “I will stop to smoke” but “I stop to smoke”, “I stop to drink” following what we want to suggest. The key is to formulate always in present positive.

c) Better moments for this exercise:

Subconscious acts with more efficiency and penetration at night during sleep when consciousness stops and subconscious activity is higher. So just before sleeping and just after waking up are the best moments for auto suggestion.

3 – Recommended injunctions

We need to precise what kind of desires can be realized with auto suggestion. A general rule is that all wish regarding mental, psyche and physical body can be accomplished, for example ennobling our nature, fighting against negative aspects, developing aptitudes. Anyway wishes that have no concerns with the structure of the being like winning lottery can not be realized.

Pass to another injunction only once you got success with the first one, this exercise is meant  to be executed for the whole life.

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