Degree II – Mental body – Visualisation
Degree II – Mental body – Visualisation

In the teachings regarding the mental body back in the first degree, we have learned to control and master our thoughts. We are now going to continue this discipline and learning mental concentration in order to increase this capacity and fortify will power.

1 – Visualization

Put some objects in front of you, for example a knife, a fork, a pencil… and observe it for a moment. Observe exactly its shape and its color. Close your eyes and try to see this object visualizing it as it appears in reality. If it disappears from your mental image make it appear again.

At the beginning you will succeed with this visualisation exercise for a few seconds, but with perseverance the object will appear more and more distinctly and from one exercise to another its disappearance and reappearance will be more and more rare. Do not let yourself be discouraged by the first failures. If you get tired choose another object. At the beginning do not do this exercise for more than 10 minutes; prolongate anyway the length up to 30 minutes.

This exercise is considered to be successful when you are able to visualize an object without interruption for 5 minutes.

At this stage we can visualize with eyes open objects floating in the air with 3 dimensions so real as if we could touch them. Once you are able to visualize an object eyes open, this exercise reached its goal.

2 – Developing psychic hearing

After visualization comes concentration by hearing. At the beginning of this exercise imagination must play an important role. We can’t say directly: “hear the clock’s Tic-Tac”, because such an injunction calls an image and this is not the goal of this exercise. It would be better to say: “try to hear with imagination a clock’s Tic-Tac”. So try to hear this Tic-Tac. At the beginning you will succeed only for few seconds, over time you will make progresses and your concentration will be interrupted less and less.

After this, try to hear the Tic-Tac of a watch and the ring of a bell with all its modulation. Other sounds or noises can be chosen such as a gong, a hammer, a storm, a waterfall and later a violin, a piano and other instruments.

Doing this exercise, it is very important to concentrate only on sound, nothing has to be visualized at the same time. If an image is appearing it must be omitted. Hearing the sound of a bell you have to discard the image of the bell. If you can maintain a sound for 5 minutes, the exercise has reached its goal.

3 – Developing psychic sensation

The next exercise is the concentration by sensation. Create the sensation of cold, heat, heaviness, lightness, thirst, fatigue and maintain it at least during 5 minutes without any sounds or images.

Once you acquired the faculty to create any sensations and to maintain it you can pass to the next exercise.

4 – Developing psychic smell

Now you have to concentrate using the smell. Reproduce diverse fragrances such as the smell of a rose, a violet or any other fragrances and maintain this ability to smell without the image of any flower. Also concentrate on bad odors. This exercise is successful if you can maintain any odors for at least 5 minutes.

5 – Developing psychic taste

The last concentration exercise is about taste. Do not visualize any food or meal but just reproduce the taste, flavor. In the first times reproduce only extreme flavors, very sweet, very sour, very bitter or very salty. When you can do that easily, concentrate on more nuanced flavors or various spices. When you can maintain any flavor for at least 5 minutes, this exercise is successful.

6 – Some remarks We are going to realize that each kind of concentration exercise (sight, smell, taste and hearing) is done with more or less ease. When one appears harder to maintain, it means that the cerebral function regarding this sense is weak and underdeveloped. The concentration exercises made with the entire senses strengthen and enhance the mental and will power, they not only permit to gain control but also their development and mastery. The initiate should have reached this goal, all exercises are equally very important.

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