Degree I – Shamanic training of the psychic body
Degree I – Shamanic training of the psychic body

Introspection and self-knowledge.

In our dwelling, by this term we understand our physical body and psychic body we must feel well inside at every moment so our first task is the knowledge of self.

Every initiation system from every traditions request this prior acquisition. Without the knowledge of self there is no real ascension.

Let’s begin the first phase of psychic body’s education, introspection.

1 – list of defects and deformities in the psyche

To do this, take a magic diary  and note all the negative aspects of your psyche. This diary should be only personal and shown to no one.

Be rigorous and severe to yourself during this introspection of your defects, your habits, your passions, your addictions and all the ugliness of your nature. Be without indulgence and do not attenuate your faults and defects. Meditate and think on your own person and project in thoughts in different past situations, remember your behavior, your errors. Write down all your vices and their most subtle variations. More you discover better it is. Nothing should be hidden even if the defects are hard to face. Very gifted students could discover hundreds very nuanced. These students practice a good meditation and a deep introspection. Wash entirely your psyche, clean it from all stains.

This personal analyze is the most important exercise preparing to the Shamanism. A lot of systems neglect it thats why the never obtain success. This preliminary spiritual exercise is the essential to realize the spiritual balance without that a regular progress is unthinkable. So devote to your self-criticism some minutes in the morning and some minutes in the afternoon. Even during the day as soon as you realize the existence of a defect, note it in your diary.

If in one week you do not find all your defects, devote the next week until the list is completely established, once you are done you can pass to the next exercise.

2 – Assigning the corresponding element to the defect

Try by thinking well to attribute to each defect one of the four elements (Fire, water, air, earth). In your diary make 4 columns, one by element, write down every defects in the corresponding column, note in an extra column called “indifferent” the ones you can’t yet classify. Progressively by developing yourself you will be able to determine for each defect the corresponding element.

For example:

Fire: Jealousy, hatred, vengeance, anger…

Air: boastfulness, thoughtlessness, presumption, gossip, dissipation …

Water: Indifference, phlegm, insensitivity, condescension, negligence, shyness, stubbornness, inconstancy …

Earth: Laziness, heaviness, melancholy, irregularity, disloyalty …

The next week, meditate on every column and divide each one in 3 groups.

  • In the first you will write the most obvious and bigger defects.
  • In the second group comes the ones that manifests less with less vigor.
  •  In the third write the onces that comes very rarely.

3 – List of qualities and attribution to the elements

Proceed for your qualities as you did for your defects, do not forget the subdivision.

There are 5 columns (4 elements+ indifferent) and 3 groups in each columns.

For example:

Fire: Activity, enthusiasm, resolution, courage …

Air: Application, joy, ability, cordiality, pleasure, optimism …

Water: Modesty, sobriety, fervor, compassion, tranquility, forgiveness, delicateness …

Earth: Esteem, perseverance, deepness, temperance, punctuality, sens of responsibilities …

4 – The two mirrors of the psyche

Well done! With this work you have now two astral mirrors, one that is black (negativity, defects) and one that is white (Positivity, qualities), these two mirrors are considered to be intimate mirrors and only the owner can see them.

These two mirrors will show you which element predominates in you, in qualities or defects. This knowledge is essential for spiritual balance, all future development is depending on it.

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