Degree I – Shamanic training of the physical body
Degree I – Shamanic training of the physical body

The physical body training should go along with the formation of the psychic and mental bodies, no part should be unbalanced or forgotten.

1 – Morning shower, friction and workout

In the morning as soon as you wake up, rub your body with a sweet brush until the skin become red. This opens the pores slightly and they can breathe better. The kidneys will be discharged.

Then wash you body with cold water and scrub with a rough towel until you feel warm, also do every morning some physical workout. having flexible body is an important key.

2 – The mystery of breathing

Every being breathe, without breathing there is no life. We should not know only that we absorb oxygen and nitrogen.

All we need to survive and maintain existence, breathing and food is by nature quadripolar, they are made of the 4 elements and the 5th Ether (Akasha).

The air we breathe has a degree of density more subtle than material aliments. However according to the universal laws, air and food have the same nature, they are quadripolar and they serve to maintain the physical body alive.

Lets consider the breathing. The oxygen (FIRE) and nitrogen (WATER). The air element is the mediator and earth element is the one that reunites all (oxygen and nitrogen). The 5th element, Akasha or Ether is the ordering principle, primordial and divine. Like what happens in the universe and in the nature, the elements are manifesting in the process of breathing, their fluids, electric and magnetic and their polarities.

By unconscious or normal breathing, the body only absorb the substance of the elements that is necessary to its existence.

When though the breathing is made in full consciousness , the phenomenon is different. If we charge the air we breathe with a though, idea or image, abstract or concrete, the Akasha of this air absorbs this idea or image and transmits it to the substance of the air, thus impregnated plays a double role when it passes in the pulmonary veins, first the material parts of the Elements feed the body then the electromagnetic fluid of the body leads the subtle parts of the the air charged with the idea or image from the blood vessels to the astral body, from there it reflects this idea on the mental body and from this last to the immortal spirit plane.
To recap -> The air is charged with your idea -> it passes into the blood vessels -> It passes in to the astral body -> Then it passes into the mental body and then into the universal and immortal plane

The quantity of air inspired id not important but the nature of the idea that impregnates the substance of air.

We just delivered the process of breathing as it is considered by many magical, shamanic and occult sciences over the world .

Do your breathing exercises, 7 breathings in the morning and 7 breathings in the evening, the most important thing to remember is that the most important thing is the quality, strength and precision of your idea or image (for example health, gain a quality etc…). The realization of a wish can take sometimes weeks or months depending on the nature of it.

3 – Mindful eating

The principle is the same as the breathing however the elemental action is in the food more material or rough.

The desires projected in the aliments has more effects on the material plane because they are exposed to more dense elemental radiations. You need to take this law into consideration if you have an affair concerning your physical body.

Sit down in front of your plate. concentrate and visualize with the highest intensity that your desire in incorporated into your food and is as active as it is already realized.
Then eat consciously considering that the food entering you body with your desire is penetrating your more subtle nerves. Your meal should be something sacred.
Nothing should remain in your plate, you have to concentrate during your meal without interferences, speaking or watching TV, you need to be fully there.

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