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Selva Madre


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I had a great experience at Selva Madre! The center is very beautiful surrounded by the jungle and the people and especially the three shamans are very kind and are trying their best to help their patients! As it was my first time taking Ayahuasca I was a bit nervous but very fast I felt safe and supported by the shamans. I would definitively recommend this center for anyone who wants to have an authentic Ayahuasca experience and who is willed to live without wifi and electricity and to only focus on himself during the retreat!



Minori, Feb 2022



The single most important healing experience of my life.

I actually visited in September 2019 (but this website only lets me pick a date in the last year so it may say Feb 2021 somewhere here) , and I wanted to wait for some time before writing a review, because honestly the experience was so healing and beyond all my expectations, that I was careful not to celebrate too soon, in case the effect simply wore off with time. But here we are two and a half years later and it seems the change was permanent.

It was the first and only time I've worked with Aya, and of course you can't be guaranteed that it will work so beautifully with you as it did me, but I don't know anyone in our group who didn't find it to be an extremely worthwhile journey. I travelled to Peru from the states just for this and it was worth every penny. I won't go into details but simply to say that my core childhood wound was pretty much healed. Of course, there's still some left, and probably always will be, but Aya gave me the perspective on it that made all the difference. Stuff just doesn't bother me as much more, and I'm less anxious, depressive, and more laid-back, happy, resilient, and loving. This has led to other good things happening in my life, like a virtuous circle. Of course, I still have my problems and issues, but every human being does - the key wound is pretty much dealt with now, though. Aya is such a beautiful and magical plant 'spirit' although I also think it's valid to say that it works by letting you access your higher wisdom and thus heal yourself.

Don Luchio is the real deal. Strong, powerful, wise spiritual master with a slightly bombastic, enthusiastic energy. You will not forget his smile. He's a wonderful man, as are his son and son-in-law Don Luchio Jr and Anderson - the other two shamen.

There isn't much to say other than if you want to experience Aya in an authentic yet comfortable (to western tastes) setting, then this is the place for you. If I drink Ayahuasca again, I'd like it to be here. Being part of an authentic tradition that has worked with the plant for hundreds of years, and being in the heart of the jungle make Dun Luchio and Selva Madre an ideal choice.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the Selva Madre team, and of course to the wonderful medicine. All she wants to do is heal us. It's safe, it's all good, just let her work her magic.

Omar M, Jan 2022



This is a beautiful facility with far more comfortable amenities than any place else I’ve seen. Don Lucho is not only a master shaman with 40 years of experience, he is also a genuinely loving and compassionate person who gives you warm personal attention. He sat down with us at most meals, got to know us, and made sure that we were well cared for.

His icaros are incredibly beautiful and his ceremonies are very powerful. He is highly educated, with a doctorate in psychology, so he has an added advantage of being able to explain shamanic concepts to western thinkers with remarkable clarity. I was so moved by my experience there, I plan to return for a whole month next time.

Athena B, Jul 2021 • W Friends



Don Lucio is one of the greatest men I’ve met. He has a wealth of knowledge and is revered by all that know him and work for him. The ceremonies are incredible... other worldly. The icaros (chanting) and attention given to each participant is enough to bring you to tears.

There are two other shamans, Anderson and Luis Jr who are also exceptional and staged a ceremony when do Lucio couldn’t attend for health reasons.

It isn’t as strict a diet as many of the other retreats and the food is incredibly healthy, nutritious and tasty.

Contrary to many of the other retreats, don Lucio and his team brew the ayahuasca in the true form and do not cater for the ‘tourist’ crowd. According to some sources, other retreats add things like angels trumpet which can be lethal in order for the participant to have an even more crazy trip which is unnecessary and can be dangerous.

The love and care that you experience here is second to none and I have no hesitation in highly recommending this retreat. It helped me a lot.

Christian, Jun 2021 • Solo



What an amazing retreat! I don't think I could of picked a better place. The Shaman Don Lucho is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. I had so many health issues and the ayahuasca diet was so delicious and healthy. I actually ate more there than when I'm home and lost weight! (not on purpose).

The entire family has their part in the retreat and really makes you love them. They are so hard not to love. It is the right place. I found out that the money from the retreats actually goes to the villages and people in need from the surrounding communities. Don Lucho the main Shaman really cares for people and and soley interested in helping others. In the 10 day retreat you get 4 Ayahauasca ceremonies which were so helpful for my healing and understanding of myself. Best experience Ever!!!!!

Brianna B, Jun 2021



It’s been almost 8 months since my Ayahuasca experience at Selva Madre and I’m still processing. I happen to be the only person to arrive for the 10 day retreat because borders were still a issue for most. Another guest arrived close to my halfway point and we remain friends until this day.

I can tell you that Don Lucho, Monica and there sons did not cut one corner even-though I was the only attendee. It’s a experience that I will eternally be grateful for.

My advice to future guest:
Leave any expectations at the door, it’s a different journey for everyone. Like a fingerprint, none 2 exactly alike. Be sure to wear lose comfortable clothing. Boots for the times you go on a tour of the Amazon and slides for the times you are at the compound.

There is absolutely no way to charge electronic devices so please plan to bring your own battery and or solar panel. Try to learn enough Spanish so that you are able to communicate with Don Lucho your visions especially the next day after ceremony. Don Lucho Jr. speaks English fluently.

Be sure to have multiple flashlights, journal, books and if you are one of the few to be able to get cell tower service, be sure to download whats app for communication. Have a few audio books to help pass time, you can only journal but so much. Customs took all of the repellent I bought with me so good luck with that. Clothes are washed by hand and a natural no scent bar soap is best to have. There is no hot water but honestly you don’t care after the first shower. There is no such thing as ice or refrigeration on the compound.

The hammock in your room will become your best friend.

Tamara J, Nov 2020 • Solo



I realy enjoyed my first ayauahasca experience at Selva madre retreat centre. Even if the ayauahasca wasnt so strong that I expected, I was taken deep in my mind to explore my thoughts and memories. I realy appreciate amazingly positive Don Lucho and his beautiful icarus. Also other shamans Luis jr. and Anderson did an amazing job.

During our free time we were treated like a gods by always helping Weyder, our chef Bermudes and his daughters. I can realy recomend this retreat! Amazing vibes, comfortable accomodation, good food and safe aya experience!

Clif, Feb 2020 • W Friends



Selva Madre is an amazing experience. Changed my life in so many ways for the better. Don Lucho, Luis Jr, and Anderson are all awesome shamans. I think my experience would had went differently had I not been with them. They helped my wife and I both tremendously. Ayahuasca helps not only mentally but physically as well for your health. Don't hesitate about Selva Madre they are very, very good shamans and you will be in good hands!

Tyler B, Feb 2020 • Couples



Wonderful experience, great shamans (which was the main concern for me going in) but I was able to trust them really quickly because they were sincere with their goals. Also I want to thank Weyder, he was great in being around and helping with everything needed. The group I met there was great and made the experience more enjoyable. The experience took some getting used to because of the weather & no wifi & other amenities but after a few days I adapted and felt present with the environment. The Ayahuasca was both uncomfortable and very comforting at times & I learned to accept both. I still feel the medicines healing effects even weeks after and have more clearity in my thought processes so I will definitely be back for more.

Moustapha, Mar 2020 • Solo

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