Cielo and Black Ayahuasca
Cielo and Black Ayahuasca

The Ayahuasca vine is coming in multiple forms, the most known are Cielo and Black Ayahuasca.

The way to prepare the brew is exactly the same, the difference concerns the color of the preparation and the effect. Black Ayahuasca is much stronger than Cielo Ayahuasca due to its Alkaloids.

The effect during a ceremony

We all have negative charges and daemons when we begin an Ayahuasca healing process, Ayahuasca will take care of these charges and release them or transmute them.
Cielo Ayahuasca will be very gentle and go to this charge with love and care and ask it to go to the light, this charge will depending on its nature leave more or less quickly, this process can take a certain time, but it is generally a gentle process.
Black Ayahuasca is different in its approach, we can compare it to a powerful bulldozer that will come to heal and expel the charges (emotional, karmic, physical etc…). Black Ayahuasca will come and punch energetically all anomalies away. This may cause a more intense feeling during the ceremony.


Basically we can say that Cielo Ayahuasca is more gentle and permits people to have blissful feelings and heal themselves with time, softness and care.
Black Ayahuasca will heal people faster but the experience can be very harsh sometimes and it will push you to your limits or even further. Your comments are more than welcome!

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