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We are located in a peaceful area of the jungle and our facilities are simple and comfortable. The land around the buildings has been cleared so no worries about snakes or jaguars! We also don’t have many mosquitos although they do get heavier at dusk.

You will have your own colorfully painted bungalow with cement floors, screens, optional hammocks, and a private bathroom with toilet and shower. There is no electricity or traditional wifi, but we can charge your phone and we provide a dedicated cellphone hotspot. We do recommend not using your phone too much during the retreat.


We have a shared space where we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner (no dinner on ceremony nights). All home cooked meals are included in the retreat and if you are on vegetarian/vegan diet or have allergies it's no problem, just let us know. You will be on the ayahuasca diet while here, which is low salt, low oil, no sugar, no coffee, pork/beef, or packaged foods. You may at times eat fish, chicken, and eggs as well as legumes, grains, fruits, and vegetables. The kitchen-dining building is also a good place to hang out and get to know the family and other people at the retreat.

Our beautiful temple where the ceremonies are held is made in the traditional style, but with hardwood floors instead of dirt. 


aerial selva madre.jpg
cabins and temple_edited.jpg
inside cabin.jpg

You may notice some photos show grass roofs and others show red metal. Weather patterns have been changing in the jungle with global climate change and storms have been getting more destructive. The grass roofs just haven't been able to stand up to the storms, so we decided to switch to the more hardy metal roofs. Though not quite as traditional, we think they add their own charm.

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