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Before You Come


Intentionally preparing your body and mind for immersion into a life-changing plant medicine healing experience is fundamental to your process of growth and transformation – alongside integration. How you choose to show up for the time before your retreat and after, is just as important as working with the medicine. Setting intentions provides a center point and an anchor should you find yourself experiencing moments of distraction or challenge during your time with us at Selva Madre. It supports you in coming to this work with clarity and groundedness. 


This is also an opportunity to create certain contracts or agreements with yourself that support holding yourself accountable for the changes that may be required during and after your retreat. Before you arrive at Selva Madre, we suggest taking the time to honestly get clear about why you are coming to this work. Remember, the medicine of this work is known to give you what you need, not what you ask for. With that, it is a beautiful practice to hold your intentions without expectations and with a lot of joy and trust in your unique process. Ayahuasca works and expresses itself differently for everyone and in every ceremony. However your experience may be, it is most important to honor what you’ve been shown and contemplate how you will move forward in maintaining your new perspective and insights.


  • Stop pork, all dairy, coffee, and alcohol 4 weeks prior to your retreat. 

  • No sexual acts/thoughts of any kind 2 weeks before ~ during ~ and 2 weeks after your retreat. (This is different for those that are dieting with Master Plants. Please consult Maestro Lucho for your post-diet requirements) 

  • We request following a healthy diet beginning at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival - avoid sugar, soda, greasy and heavily processed food. Avoid foods containing Tyramine (cured meats, soy and pickled foods) and limit foods with Tryptophan (turkey, canned tuna) for 1-2 days prior to the retreat.

*Please note, those who are coming for a Master Plant Diet have different, more strict requirements. Please email us directly to inquire more. 


To make your booking please use our Application Form to contact us. We will ask you to make a $500 nonrefundable deposit to secure the reservation. This can be done through PayPal. PayPal will charge a fee of $22.45 when a payment is marked as "Goods and Services" rather than "Friends and Family". If you choose to mark your payment as "Goods and Services", please change your deposit to $522.45.

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