Before You Come



Before doing an ayahuasca retreat, take some time and reflect on what you’re searching for. We recommend that you meditate and write down your wishes with ayahuasca. This is important and is a method used by many healing centers to make the most of your time here. Read more about integrating post-ayahuasca here.


Try to stay on a healthy diet at least two weeks prior the retreat; avoid greasy and heavily processed food. Cut out candy and sodas, drugs and alcohol. Meat is perfectly fine but pork is not recommended. Exercise is a good idea too, walks, yoga, swimming, or whatever you like to do.



  • Flashlight/headlamp: You'll need a dim or red light in ceremonies, bright lights are disturbing

  • Water bottle: We supply filtered water

  • White or grey t-shirt/dress/top: We prefer light clothing in the ceremonies so we can see you better

  • White or grey sweater: It can get cool at night and ayahuasca can cause some people to feel chilly

  • Sandals: shoes that are easy to slip on/off will be important in the ceremonies

  • Rain poncho: For rainy days

  • Small backpack or bag: For shorter day excursions

  • Extra cash: To buy souvenirs and other needed items

  • Towel(s)

  • Toiletries


  • Hat/cap and sunglasses

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Sun screen

  • Power bank

  • solar charger

  • Incense or Palo Santo

  • Zip-lock bags to protect belongings from humidity

  • Journal and art supplies

  • Bathing suit

  • Books to read

  • Earplugs

  • Travel blanket


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