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Before You Come



Before doing an ayahuasca retreat, take some time and reflect on what you’re searching for. We recommend that you meditate and write down your wishes with ayahuasca. This is important and is a method used by many healing centers to make the most of your time here. Read more about integrating post-ayahuasca here.


Stop pork, all dairy, coffee, and alcohol 4 weeks prior to your retreat. Try to stay on a healthy diet at least 2 weeks (preferably 4) prior the retreat - avoid candy, soda, greasy and heavily processed food.  You should also avoid foods containing tyramine (cured meats, soy and pickled foods) and limit foods with tryptophan (turkey, canned tuna) for 1-2 days prior to the retreat. There are dairy products that contain tyramine and tryptophan, but you should already be avoiding dairy for 4 weeks. Exercise is a good idea too: walks, yoga, swimming, or whatever you like to do.



  • Flashlight/headlamp: You'll need a dim or red light in ceremonies, bright lights are disturbing

  • Water bottle: We supply filtered water from dispensers in the kitchen and temple

  • White or grey t-shirt/dress/top: We prefer light clothing in the ceremonies so we can see you better

  • White or grey sweater: It can get cool at night and ayahuasca can cause some people to feel chilly

  • Sandals: shoes that are easy to slip on/off will be important in the ceremonies

  • Rain poncho: For rainy days

  • Small backpack or bag: For shorter day excursions

  • Extra cash: To buy souvenirs and other needed items

  • Travel Towel(s)

  • Toiletries - Keep in mind that the tap water is non potable. You will need to brush your teeth with filtered water only. Also the showers are not heated. It's a small shock at first, but extremely refreshing in the heat!



  • Hat/cap and sunglasses

  • Bathing suit (for medicine baths, in some cases may need to do in the nude)

  • Mosquito repellent

  • Sun screen

  • Power bank

  • solar charger

  • Incense or Palo Santo

  • Mapacho

  • Zip-lock bags to protect all belongings from humidity

  • Journal and art supplies

  • Soul-Nourishing Books to read (choose carefully, you will be open and energetically vulnerable)

  • Earplugs

  • Thin travel blanket (for ceremonies)

Please, do not bring candles, as they are a fire hazard.


To make your booking please use our Application Form to contact us. We will ask you to make a $500 nonrefundable deposit to secure the reservation. This can be done through PayPal. PayPal will charge a fee of $22.45 when a payment is marked as "Goods and Services" rather than "Friends and Family". If you choose to mark your payment as "Goods and Services", please change your deposit to $522.45.

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