Be in the present moment
Be in the present moment

For the average people being in the present moment is a distant notion and life seems to be a continuous flow of new experiences and dramas with which they tend to have a very strong identification. In fact people are not only identifying themselves with their terrestrial possessions but also with their minds or we can also say their “Monkey minds”. Instead of playing the role of our incarnation on the stage of life, we are the role, the character stuck into the flow of 3d pleasures and dramas. We can compare the human mind as a sinking boat as Eckhart Tolle used to say, this boat is sinking and we recommend you to get off it, while you still have time, indeed the mind is going nowhere at all and will be terminated when the time has come to go to other realms.

As we know the mind wants to keep control over you to be fed, to keep your consciousness in the three-dimensional world. This started when you arrived into this world, into this body you bear, it all started with identification with your thoughts. I have very good news for you — your are so much more, you cannot even imagine, you are not your possessions, you are not your body, you are not your thoughts, you are this infinite being stuck into this very, very dense world.

Woah, what good news! Now you need to know how to free yourself from the matrix you created over the years. The first step is to acknowledge that you are not the thinker, you need to observe yourself carefully, observe every thought at every moment, you will realize how hard the thoughts want to take control over you. Treat them as if they are bugs trying to bite you, just observe it smiling at it, yeah you are the winner!

Thoughts are energies and have some kind of autonomy, each one of them wants to be fed with your vital energy in order to stay alive and the more they are fed, the more powerful they become and take over control. Now that you know this fact, the goal is not to reject these thoughts because the result will be probably worse, they will come back to you even stronger, if you fight them, the goal is to OBSERVE your thoughts when they arise with consciousness. Once you put the powerful light of your consciousness on it, the thoughts will suddenly lose their power and their food you provided for years. It will start to vanish and make you free.

Thinking is a drug like any other used to escape from reality, from your real being to keep you stuck into illusion.

Meditating is very important in this process, this is the most powerful tool at your disposition, and another one is the mindfulness you bring into everything you do in your daily routine, at work or at home. If you are present in the present moment you don’t lose control and won’t lose yourself into the nimbus of your mind. I can tell you that the mind can be tricky to reclaim control, that’s why you need to carefully observe your mind stream and dis-identify from the patterns you had for years.

Once you start to be free the world will appear to you as an ocean of peace and bliss, you will be able to reach higher states of consciousness and to use your mind for what it was really meant for: a powerful creative tool only used when you need it. Your comments are more than welcome!

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