Ayahuasca Retreat Preparation

Preparing your retreat is very important for you to experience it in the best conditions and benefit its full potential.


Please consult our medical guidelines pages for your Ayahuasca retreat preparation, this is required before attending an Ayahuasca retreat at Selvamadre.

Highly suggested

Pick an healthy diet prior to attending the retreat and practice some physical exercises or yoga.
Meditate and practice relaxation exercises in order to relax your mind.
It is prefered to wear white clothes during the ceremonies.
For days before retreat avoid any pork meats, red meats and any drugs.

Things to bring during Ceremonies

Flashlight or frontal lamp, it will help you to go to the temple or if you need to go outside the temple during the ceremony.
Long sleeve clothes, it is recommended during the nights as they can be fresh.
White clothes for ceremonies.

List of things to bring

Long sleeve clothes
Mosquito repellent
Suncream protector
Hat for the sun
Personal toilet items and towel
The rest is provided by Selvamadre!

If you have any question regarding your retreat preparation feel free to ask us.


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