Ayahuasca recipe
Ayahuasca recipe

The Ayahuasca recipe is one of the most important factors regarding a healing session. Through ages Curanderos and Ayahuasceros had their secret Ayahuasca recipe shared through an apprenticeship. There are many legends about how humans discovered how to brew Ayahuasca and the interaction between Ayahuasca Vines and Chacruna leaves, we just invite you to discover it by yourself during an Ayahuasca ceremony.

Our Ayahuasca recipe

Chacruna leaves containing DMT are collected in the morning while fasting in the jungle, the Ayahuasca vines are washed and pounded with care, fresh spring water is also collected and added.
The brew is cooked by the Maestro or his wife while still fasting in order to be pure for this sacred preparation. The pounded Ayahuasca is placed in a pot that has been blessed, Chacruna leaves are placed on the top. The fresh Water is added and the pot is placed on a wood fire.
When the preparation is boiling much focus is put on preventing drops from falling on the floor. After a while the first brew is done and placed in another pot. More water is added to the preparation in order to make a second brew. When the second brew is reduced the Ayahuasca and Chacruna mix is removed from the pot and ritually poured into the river.
Then the two brews are combined and placed on the fire until the liquid evaporated. After a certain time the Maestro checks whether the brew is having the correct consistence, then filters the brew and lets it cool down in order to store it.
This Ayahuasca recipe contains no additives, just Ayahuasca Vines and fresh Chacruna leaves are used to make a traditional Ayahuasca brew as it has always been made.
The process of cooking Ayahuasca is involving patience, focus and calm. It takes around 10 hours to be cooked.

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