Ayahuasca effects
Ayahuasca effects

Ayahuasca effects are different from an individual to another because the medicine reacts according to one’s personal traits. During the opening of ceremony, the shaman blesses the healing circle and then the brew in order to activate it. Every participant receives a cup of Ayahuasca and drink it after greeting the shaman.
The effect is starting after about 20 minutes, participants begin to hear a buzz noise and feel as if their bodies are being elevated very fast. Your senses are starting to be more sensitive and receives subtle signals, some people will be able to hear sounds that are coming from a different direction and feel certain sensations on their skin.
Then the shaman is starting to sing Icaros, which are sacred songs taught by master plants in order to heal the participants. Following each Icaro, participants are beginning to have different visions. The most common visions are snakes, a vortex, plant structures, DNA-like shapes, random fairy landscapes and fractals.
Each Icaro sung by the shaman is calling different healing forces or frequencies of master plants that will enter the bodies of the participants in order to heal and purify them.
After a while the physical and energetic garbage contained in the physical, emotional and other subtle bodies is being released by purging. Once the participant purged he or she will feel released from a heavy weight of negative energies.
After the purge Ayahuasca continues the detox process in the lower part of the digestive system.
During the ceremony the Medicine is cleaning our being, teaching and showing us our true reality. Teachings can be delivered by visions and intuitions as if data or knowledge is being downloaded into yourself, the purer and cleaner you become, the higher are the teachings taught to you. It opens in the same time the gates of subconscious and release old energies once they are ready to go.
Your true nature is revealed and your egoistic conceptions of yourself slowly disappears.
After a while Icaros will change the energies in the room and Madre Ayahuasca‘s effects will drive you into a state of bliss and well-being until the end of the ceremony, at this stage visions are commonly very pleasant following the state of cleansing.
Of course the effects can differ from one person to another, we listed in this teaching the most common experiences.

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