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Selva Madre Retreat Center welcomes visitors year-round, providing a personalized healing experience tailored to individual needs. To express your interest in visiting our center, kindly submit your application, and our team will promptly respond to further facilitate your booking process. Our ceremonies are typically held every other day, allowing ample time for rest, nourishment, and integration throughout the week.

While we are flexible to accommodate your preferred timeframe, below are sample program options along with their respective durations and prices:

  • Standard Program - $1500 USD:

    • 10 days with 4 ayahuasca ceremonies.

    • This option satisfies the needs of most individuals, although additional time and medicine may be necessary for some.

  • Extended Program - $2700 USD:

    • 20 days with 8 ceremonies.

    • This extended duration offers more time for comprehensive integration of the medicine and detoxification of the body from traumas, negative emotions, and energies.

  • One-Month Program - $3800 USD:

    • 30 days with 12 ayahuasca ceremonies.

    • Ideal for those seeking in-depth healing and profound transformative work.


To secure your booking, we require a nonrefundable prepayment of $500 USD via PayPal.


All our retreats encompass the following amenities:

  • Private hut accommodation with a bathroom.

  • Home-cooked meals.

  • Integration meetings with the Maestros.

To book your retreat or begin the application process, please visit the designated booking page. We look forward to embarking on this transformative journey with you.

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