Many people are spectators of their destiny. In this big theater, in this dance most of them are unconscious of their self, which is infinite and unlimited. The result is that most of us are mired into the densest dimensions being swept away by the winds of ego attachment and illusion. At that stage instinct is predominant over consciousness.

You need to understand that what or who you think you are is an illusion, this is the first step on awakening and it is the hardest, you have to die to be reborn, die from your convictions, from your fears. You are on the way to reintegrate who you really are, on the way to your awakening.

Awakening forever

When you start to awake you suddenly realize that you are not the ego but the eagle flying over the terrestrial ego, you realize that you are so much more than that. You see desires as winds, they do not take you away with their streams because you are simply conscious that these forces as powerful as they can be do not belong to you.


Instead of being used by these forces because of your identification to them you will use them to improve your life, to go higher beyond the clouds of ignorance and doubt.

Awakening is the realization that you are all and that all beings are ONE.

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