Attracting positive experiences
Attracting positive experiences

Attracting positive experiences is the wish of any person. Your natural state of being is vibrating on a high frequency and energy level, when incarnate yourself on the physical plane you do it with the purpose of having multiple experiences on the material plane, this is one of the goals of incarnation, you leave your own vibration to experience variations, pleasures, pains.
Joy, love, enthusiasm, gain etc…, are the states that are the closest to your natural vibration, they are positive experiences. On this physical plane you will also experience phases that you will dislike because they are far from your natural energy state. These kind of negative experiences happen because your mind is full of negative thoughts and doubts that attract negative experiences instead of positive experiences.

Disidentify from negative thoughts

The first step to stop negative experiences from happening in your life is to stop attracting them, indeed your thoughts attract your experiences. You have to be present and observe when a negative thought appears, when you observe it with the light of your consciousness, it loses its power and its fuel. For example you have a job interview, some negative thoughts begin to occur such as: “I will not get the job / there are better candidates / Who would hire me / etc…”, these thoughts will attract as these negative situations like a magnet and you will probably not get the job. So the first step is to identify these thoughts and observe them as they are without repressing them.

Attract positive experiences

Now that you can avoid negative mental patterns the goal is to focus on the positive experience you want to have in your life. The result is the same, you will attract experiences vibrating on the same plane. Focus on pleasing and positive thoughts, soon you will see excellent opportunities, good encounters, new promotions, happiness.
It is as simple as that, the only thing to do is to stay on a high level of consciousness, observe the mind and its negative patterns and then break the identification with them.

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