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After You Leave


Integration is very important, that is, how you continue to take care of yourself back at home after the amazing transformations and insights ayahausca can bring. We recommend that you plan some down time immediately after you return home. Ideally you should try to schedule some days off immediately after your retreat so that the transition back home is as gentle as possible. The shamans will often prescribe a transitional dieta to follow for a few days to a few weeks. During this transitional time we recommend you limit your exposure to unknown or unstable people and strictly control the media that you consume. You will be extremely open and receptive to all of the energies you encounter. Please take care that you are only exposed to healing energies. Limit any TV shows, movies, books to those you know are pure and enriching.


If you have friends or family who are skeptical or not supportive, wait until you are less vulnerable before you try to share your experiences. It helps to prepare them before you leave for the possibility that you might need a lot of alone time to process your experience. Try to reassure them you do want to share, and, when ready, share without expectation. Don't try to convert anyone. Just practice being the healed version of yourself. There is no more effective way to demonstrate the gift of aya to a doubting loved one.


People can sometimes struggle with this transition. Because of the shaman's commitment to healing, we offer contact and help after you leave, just let us know. If you want deeper ongoing help, we suggest this list of integration practitioners provided by MAPS, Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies.

Connecting to nature, forming a kind of daily practice whether it’s meditation or yoga or something similar, connecting to community of others who will understand = all are important and will help. Trust us they all make a bigger difference after this kind of experience. Also please see our resource section, with suggestions of things to read and watch!

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