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Unlock the Mind's Kaleidoscope: Embrace Psychedelic Integration

Meet Our Integration Facilitator 

Valerio Scarramucci

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Valerio Scarramucci is a seasoned professional who has dedicated his life to the exploration of transformative healing modalities, specializing in counseling and integration practices. He embarked on his transformative journey with Medicine in 2013, marking the beginning of his profound exploration. Following his quest, he ventured to the Peruvian Amazon, where he immersed himself in the rich tapestry of the region, eventually settling as an esteemed Yoga teacher at a renowned Ayahuasca center near Iquitos, Peru. Throughout the years, Valerio has made regular pilgrimages back to Peru, forging connections with Ayahuasca and other Master Plants, deepening his understanding and expertise. Driven by his encounter with Medicine, Valerio made a conscious decision to redirect his professional path, immersing himself in the realm of counseling and various therapeutic modalities. Alongside his counseling practice, he actively serves as a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner and holds a Level 1 certification in Internal Family System. As an ardent believer in the power of integration, Valerio recognizes the significance of addressing repressed memories, emotional wounds, and past traumas that may surface during an Ayahuasca ceremony—a facet often referred to as the shadow side of one's personality. It is natural to be tempted to evade or overlook these experiences, akin to forgetting a dream if not recorded upon awakening. However, true healing necessitates engagement with these revelations, and this is where integration comes into play. Valerio Scarramucci offers tailored integration sessions that empower individuals to utilize the profound insights gained from their Ayahuasca ceremonies. With a focus on addressing specific areas of life that require change, Valerio guides participants through a transformative process of confronting and healing from past experiences. By embracing this journey of integration, individuals can unlock a more fulfilling and satisfying life. As a generous gesture, Valerio extends a complimentary integration session to all participants of Selva Madre Retreat, providing them with a unique opportunity to embark on their path of personal growth and transformation.

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