Best Ayahuasca retreat center in Peru

Selva madre

By Don Luis Rimachi

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10 Day Ayahuasca retreats

Our retreats have been voted the best ayahuasca retreats in Iquitos, Peru, for many years and Don Luis Rimachi is one of the most renowned shamans still practicing in area. We offer 10 day ayahuasca retreats and will during your stay work on a purification of your body, mind and soul. Apart from ayahuasca, you will receive mud and plant baths, medicinal plant saunas and a variety of natural remedies that strengthen your immune system.

Individual treatments

Today, many people are looking for alternatives to western medicine. They are realizing that huge profits, dangerous side effects, and long-term use issues from pharmaceutical drugs many times harm more than they cure. On the other hand, Ayahuasca has is scientifically proven to be very effective in healing a variety of mental, emotional, and physical conditions.
At Selva Madre we offer individual treatments depending on your needs.

About selva madre

Selva Madre was founded by Maestro Shaman Don Luis Rimachi who comes from a long lineage of native healers from the aguaruna tribe in the Amazon rain forest.  Don Luis created Selva Madre in an effort to assist people in finding a spiritual awakening with Ayahuasca and healing the mind, body, and soul.


The pillars of our work

Love, Community, Trust, and Integrity are the foundations of our work here at Selva Madre.  We provide a protected, nurturing, peaceful, and loving environment in the heart of the Amazon.  With the help of Maestro shaman Don Luis Rimachi and the sacred medicines; we are dedicated to offering a safe experience.  Most importantly, we hope to create a bridge for those seeking a spiritual awakening and expansion of consciousness. 

Safe and Comfortable Environment

Selva Madre is located close to Iquitos on the Nanay river. It is a preserved area of the Amazon Rain forest and has easy access to and from Iquitos. It is about one hour from the central part of Iquitos in a serene and tranquil region of the Amazon jungle.  This beautiful natural setting creates a sacred experience far removed  from the commercial energy of the city. There is also a very serene creek that forms a separation between the temple and the living area that intersects Selva Madre.

Ethics and Professionalism

It is very important for us to provide professionalism and follow protocols in order to ensure a safe retreat. Some Ayahuasca retreats offer more than five ceremonies a week, and it has been our professional experience that this is excessive. Ayahuasca requires at least two days to be processed by the mind, body, and soul. It is our intention for our guests to integrate the teachings of The Mother Plant into their lives and allow all parts of their being to be healed. In complying with our ethics, and the greatest good of our guests, there are no more than three ceremonies per week at Selva Madre.

A Renowned Center

Selva Madre welcomes guests from all over the world and is considered one the best places for healing therapy and an authentic spiritual retreat. Don Luis Rimachi has been a practicing Shaman for over 30 years in local native communities. He is dedicated to healing and guides guests from all corners of the world to achieve positive transformation and begin a new path on their spiritual journey. The Ayahuasca that we brew has no additives. We have a strict policy that brewing of the medicine ONLY be done by experienced Curanderos who are following a strict dieta in order to incorporate the purest and highest energies in our medicine.

In the middle of the rainforest

Located in the middle of the Amazonian rainforest, Selva Madre is a world-renowned location for an Ayahuasca experience.  This inner journey, where love and faith serve as your guide, is a transformative experience that will essentially help you find and know your REAL self by destroying the image of who you think you are and illuminating the TRUTH.

In honoring our native traditions and principles, our brew is made only by Shamans fasting during the cooking process. We use only pure, fresh Ayahuasca vines and Yahe leaves, nothing more is added.


We would like to offer you and your loved ones the opportunity of an awakening under the best, safe, traditional and authentic conditions possible. Our vision is to provide a profound transformation and positive outlook for your future through a personal awakening. Selva Madre works closely with the local community and through our long held beliefs and traditions of sharing, helping, and collaborating with the people of our community we have created the best Ayahuasca retreat and spiritual healing center founded on the principle of Love.