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Selva Madre

Ayahuasca Sanctuary


We are the number one rated Ayahuasca wellness center on Tripadvisor for Iquitos and are led by the Rimachi Family, who created Selva Madre 11 years ago
We are located in the jungle just 15 minutes outside of Iquitos, Peru by boat and we will help you on this powerful healing journey with love and care
Don Lucho started his training at age 12 with his grandfather as a traditional Aguaruna Maestro. He has shared this knowledge with his sons who will carry their legacy into the future

La Tierra - Don Lucho

Documentary by Meera Joshi

Tripadvisor Reviews

Genuinely Loving and Compassionate

This is a beautiful facility with far more comfortable amenities than any place else I’ve seen. Don Lucho is not only a master shaman with 40 years of experience, he is also a genuinely loving and compassionate person who gives you warm personal attention …

// Athena B
August 2021

Excellent and Loving Retreat

Don Lucio is one of the greatest men I’ve met. He has a wealth of knowledge and is revered by all that know him and work for him. The ceremonies are incredible... other worldly. The icaros and attention given to each participant is enough to bring you to tears …

// Christian
June 2021

Best Ayahuasca Retreat

What an amazing retreat! I don't think I could of picked a better place. The Shaman Don Lucho is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me tremendously. I had so many health issues and the ayahuasca diet was so delicious and healthy …

// Brianna B
May 2021

Would Return in a Heartbeat

It’s been almost 8 months since my Ayahuasca experience at Selva Madre and I’m still processing. I happen to be the only person to arrive for the 10 day retreat because borders were still a issue for most. Another guest arrived close to my halfway point and we remain friends until this day ...

// Tamara J
November 2020


Selva Madre is an amazing experience. Changed my life in so many ways for the better. Don Lucho, Luis Jr, and Anderson are all awesome shamans. I think my experience would had went differently had I not been with them. They helped my wife and I both tremendously. Ayahuasca helps not only mentally but …

// Tyler B
July 2020

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